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Tyre pressure is vital


In the 21st Century, people are more aware of the world around them than we ever were before. Just think about all the things you can look up on your smartphone using only default applications. Weather, including temperature and chance of rain. Direction, thanks to the compass app. News stories. Stock prices. We’re constantly plugged in, constantly aware of the changing variables. You get into a car, look at the dashboard, you see what time it is, how much fuel you’ve got left, the speed you’re going, your rpm, your mileage, your engine temperature. Advances in sensor technology have allowed us to maintain this constant awareness of all these vital statistics.

But there’s something missing from the dashboard of many cars, and that’s tyre pressure. Your tyres are a vital part of your vehicle – just ask anyone who’s ever been delayed thanks to a flat tyre, or had a blowout throw all their plans awry. Knowing your tyre pressure is crucial, since improperly inflated tyres have a whole host of drawbacks, including longer stopping distances, poorer fuel efficiency, faster wear and a greater chance of blowouts. And we have tyre sensors, we have the technology to get up-to-the-minute data on tyre pressure, it’s just a matter of setting it up.

At Safety Dave, we offer a range of tyre pressure monitoring systems for vehicles and trailers. Let us help you find the right TPMS for your needs, so that you’re never driving with tyres that are anything other than perfect.