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All Roads Lead to Rome


“All roads lead to Rome” goes the old saying. Why Rome? Well, among other things, the Roman Empire was famous for building roads wherever it spread. Roads made it easier to travel, easier for armies to march and for merchants to transport their goods. It was on Roman roads that the way for civilisation was quite literally paved, with smooth tracks protecting those on foot, cart, and horseback from the roughness of off-road travel.

Fast-forward to 2018, and we find that many of the same principles still hold. Although asphalt and tarmac have replaced stone and beaten land, we still have highways and roads connecting cities and towns, allowing people to travel easily. And the vehicles of today rely even more on roads – cars and trucks often really struggle off-road, unable to climb rock or rough terrain like people can on foot.

True, some people still drive off-road, but off-road driving can pose a serious danger to tyres. Most tyres are meant for driving on roads, so if you enjoy going off-road, make sure you have a tyre pressure monitoring system to keep an eye on your tyre pressure during your adventures.

The TPMS will alert you as soon as your tyre pressure goes outside the recommended range, allowing you to let some air out or pump your tyres back up. Thanks to Safety Dave’s tyre sensors, you can travel safely off-road just like you can on-road, without having to worry about the risks of underinflated or overinflated tyres – risks that include increased tyre wear and reduced fuel efficiency.