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More Important than Money


People say that time is money, but actually, time is worth much more than money. As Neil A. Fiore pointed out, that time is a non-renewable resource. You can earn more money, but you can’t earn more time. People spend a great deal of their time working or investing to earn money, but it’s rare to have the opportunity to spend money to save time. When you can spend money to save time, it’s rare for it to be a good deal. Think about how expensive same-day delivery is, or the cost of an Uber relative to taking public transport.

Now think about all the little things you waste a little bit of time on when driving or taking care of your vehicle. Changing your oil. Filling up on petrol. Washing it, cleaning the windows, even replacing the windscreen wiper fluid. All the small things that waste your time – that precious resource that’s worth so much.

Without a tyre pressure monitoring system, one of those little tasks is checking your tyre pressure. The worst part about it is that half the time, it’s pointless. You go to all the bother to check your pressure, and find out that it’s fine and you don’t need to do anything about it. But it’s necessary, even though it was a complete waste of time, because what if it hadn’t been okay? You can’t tell tyre pressure just by looking at it – so what can you do?

You can get a tyre sensor to do that job for you, that’s what you can do. Instead of wasting time looking like a fool on the ground by your tyres, a tyre pressure monitor will automatically measure the pressure in your tyres and let you know when something needs to be done about it. It’ll save you time, and what could be worth more than that?